You have embraced your faith for a long time, or you thought that God left you because a place or some people let you down, or maybe present circumstances are making you think that there must be something more than the day-to-day.  Regardless of your circumstances, Starting Point is a chance to press the Reset button on your faith story. Perhaps you can consider that the place you started from a long time ago is just not the same place you find yourself in now, and the God of your childhood doesn’t seem to be the God you need now.  Come to a safe place for a simple discussion. This is not Bible Study.  The goal is to feel better when you leave than when you arrived.

 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 294 Main Street South,  Woodbury

Thursdays at 7 pm starting on March 2nd for 8 sessions.  We open with songs, watch a short presentation, and share our thoughts if so inclined.

We are starting week 7.  You can visit here to watch last week. Apr. 27th is the last week.

Watch this video to get the basic idea – 

Check out the parking in this picture.